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Creative Learning

A hands-on product development and know - how of a software Industry meant to transform our caliber freshers into tech professionals. The freshers turn to seasoned techies who can solve any problem that come their way. That’s the pace of this bootcamp, with exponential learning and accelerated learning curves.

Designed for you

NEXT UNIVERSITY focuses on creating an incubation environment with creative environment for a fresh graduate to have accelerated learning at a fast pace and become a thorough problem solver at the end of Hands-on Session.


Next Level of Internship where theory strives to meet Practical.

On the Job experience as an Intern allows you to understand and distinguish as a Job Seeker how to work for a Software firm by using the cutting-edge technologies.

Our expert Couselling TEAM is great at it. Our amazing Team understand the psychology of an Fresh Engineer and the different pressures they have to go through be it family pressures, societal pressures or Job Pressures.

Next Novity Counselling fits the right way by giving the right direction to a candidate.

Different Factors affecting the Career Start:

Outdated learning

Learning basics is one thing, but learning ancient programming languages, for example, FORTRAN, and not staying in touch with the industry could be one reason why engineering students or any Technical Graduates are finding competitive race in today’s industry.

Theory V/S Practice

The current education system poses a chasm between theory and practice. Very little of what is learnt at college can be put into practice in everyday life. Hence, the best performers of the system, the best graders, actually can do very little work and need to be separately trained for it. That’s an day one productivity that the IT industry expects.

Exam culture

Learning is a continual process, and exams are a way to measure the extent of your learning. It is not at all a destination. Unfortunately, the CGPA or grade of a graduate is the first filter for employment, and hence students lay emphasis on only the exam and implementation of the subject is ignored. This results in weak fundamentals, and hence, industry rejection.

Lack of exposure

Given that the end goal of technical education is a placement in a college, the amount of exposure given to students about the industry is also very little. It is not until the final year of their college that they begin to understand what the industry really wants. An early exposure to industry can give students an idea of what is relevant in the industry, which they can learn in their own time.

Bad career matching

Over the years, the lucrative opportunities that a professional life in the technology industry has provided, has made engineering sciences the de-facto choice for graduate studies. Whether or not the student has the aptitude for the stream is not taken into account, resulting in uninterested engineering candidates, who haven’t taken to their subjects as much as they should have, making them irrelevant to the industry.

Be the Part of the Change as Next Intern

Since we are a product based company and we came from the same root. We believe our next generation has the same quality and passion in terms of technology to make world better. And we are trying to connect them by offering Internship as a “Next Intern”.

Life in” Next Novity” As” Next Intern”

Life as Next Intern is just connecting with the people, people love to talk to each other, they get excited once they found same category of people they feel comfortable and they are unstoppable in their talking and exchanging their ideas as well as Implementing into Reality. People are building a master piece where human can love, talk and use it. Only the way of building new things or great product we should respect what we do and what someone gives to that.

We believe we are creating free mindset Individuals as a Geek who are free to live like who love the things and we are the people to give it to them.